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History: Regional MLS

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Primary Operations:We provide a realtor MLS system, that provides real estate software online for the Multiple Listing Service, brokers, agents and appraisers to manage listings.
Worth (Assets): Mutiple Listing Services for Palm County
Total Employees: 28
Main HQ: Palm Beach Gardens, FL (USA)
Principle Branches:None
Chief Executive Officer:Patty Connor
Major Stockholder(s): Unknown
Owned Corporations of Note: Unknown
People of Note: Kelly Blevins (Chief Systems Officer),Kirsten Ofiara (Chief Operations Officer), Melissa D'Amico (Mgr. pf Professional Services), Sarah Chenenoweth (Professional Services Coordinator), jennifer Nantel (Professional Services), Barbara Lichty (Profesional Services Assistant), Karen Gaitan (Professional Services Coordinator),Diana Duke (Manager, Administrative Services), Gloria Kimble (MLS Coordinator - St Lucie), Emily Cincotta (Admin Services Specialist), Midge LaCorte(MLS Coordinator - Jupiter), Carol Bloom (Manager of Corporate Services/Instructor), Christian Miller (Corporate Services/Instructor), Toni Lefler (Product Marketing and Public Relations),Seth Adams (Compliance Specialist), Freddy Sarabia (Director of Business Strategies), Janet McCargar (IDX Coordinator), Pat Chenoweth (Systems Administrator/Webmaster), Matthew Choy (Computer Support Specialist),



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Security Vendor Clareity Security LLC?
Fiscal Year
Budget Determination Cycle
Members (by Category)
Category Name & Description
Category Dues per Member per Year
“Free” Products/ServicesMongol FAX Service, WyldFyre "Flyers" Program,SafeMLS, ShowingTime
Product/Service Name & Description*Mongol FAX Service - MongoFAX empowers you to send paper-based, hardcopy documents from ANY fax machine to ANY email address in the world. There is no hardware and no software required. All you need is the MongoFAX Cover Page!*WyldFyre "Flyers" Program - WyldFyre 7 has the industry’s most powerful Report Writer module. Using drag-and-drop desktop publishing tools, you completely control how property information is presented to clients. You control the fonts, layouts and graphic images to creatively combine MLS data for everything from flyers to high-end analytical reports. *SafeMLS - SAFEMLS® and SAFEACCESS® are the top choice in the real estate industry for safeguarding sensitive customer information by protecting Multiple Listing Services against unauthorized access. *ShowingTimes - add-on tool that helps real estate professionals schedule showings online in order to save them from unnecessary phone calls and busy work.
Product/Service Cost per Member per Month/Year
“Assessed” Products/Services
Product/Service Name & DescriptionMidFlorida MLS
Product/Service Cost per Member per Month/Year
“Optional” Products/Services
Product/Service Name & Description
Product/Service Cost per Member per Month/Year


CatagoriesFlorida MLSs Vendor Index


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